About us

Josiane Tchoumeni Gagoum Known as Coach Diva Josi  is an international certified life, marriage, business and executive Coach. She assists and guides business owners on how to run a successful business and organizations, especially startups.  

She is passionate about helping others to unleash their God given potential.

 She assists and mentor couples on how to gain insights and develop strategies to build a successful marriageā€¦.. 

In line with this, she has authored and published two (2) books to help people both to unleash their God given potential, and to balance their professional life and their marriage.

She is the Co-founder and Executive Director of CWENA (Christian Women Entrepreneur Network of Africa), a Christian faith based NGO that encourages, and empowers women to start and run sustainable businesses and organizations.  

She regularly conduct skills development workshops  across the country, during which she teaches, skills such as; baking, flower arrangement,  event decoration, just to name but a few.

Through her own organization and other nonprofit organizations such as EEzy foundation, and few churches, she has been able to successfully  conduct business and skills  training to empower members of  communities who desires to be creators of employment or self-employed according to their  personal capacity.

Josi as she is fondly known in her circle is a prolific motivational speaker. She speaks at events and conferences around the country.

She has been privilege to sit at the boards of organizations to help in capacity building and giving of advice in terms of strategies. 

She is also involved in many philanthropic and charitable causes which helps  to organize donations and  fund raising activities for organizations that are taking care of the underprivileged and needy in the society . 

Josi is a serial entrepreneur with multiple business ventures, and she is passionate about education and as a result, she holds amongst others, a Masters Degree in Management and Leadership from Logos University, Honours Degree in Media Studies from Wits University, and a certificate in Biblical studies from Johannesburg Bible College.